Put salt in your toilet. Here’s why. This is something plumbers will never tell you


When we encounter plumbing hiccups, it’s a reflex for many of us to immediately dial up a plumber. True, these experts are seasoned with know-how and skills, but there’s a little-known household tip they might not always pass along to us.

That’s right, we’re talking about using simple table salt to keep your toilet running smoothly. In this piece, we’re going to dive into why this kitchen staple might just be your bathroom’s new best friend, and ponder why your local plumber keeps mum about it.

Salt: The Toilet’s Unsung Hero

Tackling Clogs:

Tackling Clogs: Salt’s coarse particles can work wonders on dissolving the usual culprits behind toilet clogs – excess toilet paper and waste. If your toilet often gets jammed, a regular salt treatment could be the preventative measure you need.

Banishing Bad Smells: Got a stinky situation? Salt acts as a natural odor eliminator. It sponges up the moisture where bacteria thrive and neutralize the smelly molecules, giving you a fresher loo, even without top-notch ventilation.

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